Teleconference September 2013

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  • Items from CHAH
    • Service level agreement
    • Model for regional/institutional use of APNI/APC
    • Non-state records in AVH
    • New MOU for delivery of data from herbaria to CHAH (AVH) - (Aaron, Niels)
      • HISCOM to develop technical schedule (Niels, Aaron)
    • Request for action: APNI/APC and National species list
      • Update from CABC workshop on NSL (Niels)
  • AVH Trust Project: APC Editor (Greg, Jim)
  • AVH - NZVH
    • Report on AVH status/activity (Niels, Alison)
    • Report from ALA Technical Architecture Group (Ben)
    • NZ funding for amalgamation (Aaron)
  • Agenda items and preparation for AGM (HISCOM AGM 2013 Sydney)
    • Availability of tele-/vidconference equipment
  • Data delivery to AVH
    • NSW not delivering cultivated records
    • CANB delivering cultivated records, but not cultivated flag


Aaron Wilton (CHR) – Chair
Greg Whitbread (CANB)
Jim Croft (CANB)
Alison Vaughan (MEL)
Wayne Cherry (NSW)
Helen Thompson (ABRS)
Ian Cowie (DNA)
Niels Klazenga (MEL)
Peter Bostock (BRI)
Ben Richardson (PERTH)
Eleanor Crichton (AD)
Michelle Waycot (AD)


Gary Chapple (NSW);


Service Level Agreement with ALA

Draft service level developed by CHAH was circulated prior to meeting. Some concerns were raised that it was too one sided and needed to address data quality concerns and the 'standardisation' of data more strongly.

ACTION: All to review the SLA and provide comments to Aaron (ASAP - before 30 Sept)

ACTION: Add item on data standardisation to AGM agenda (Aaron - Done)

Extra-state records

A request from CHAH for HISCOM to develop an approach to filtering extra-state records was circulated prior to the meeting. This was discussed at length. In summary, it was not consider the most important change for AVH; detecting duplicates could be a way of addressing some records; it is currently possible to filter for a single state and provider. This issue was left unresolved. Agreed to address and report back to CHAH at AGM.

ACTION: Add item on extra-state records to AGM agenda (Aaron - Done)

Data Provision MOU

A draft MOU for provision of data from herbaria to CHAH was tabled for comment, along with a HISCOM MOU to CHAH. CHAH agreed to the suggestion of a technical schedule to be appended to the MOU and asked HISCOM to develop this.

ACTION: All to review and provide feedback on the MOU to Aaron (ASAP - before 30 Sept)

ACTION: Add drafting of technical schedule to AGM (Aaron - Done)

Sustainability of APNI/NSL

A request from CHAH to provide an feasibility analysis and options paper on replacing state census with the NSL/APNI was discussed. It was agreed that this may have several challenges, and required further discussion at the AGM.

ACTION: Greg to provide documentation on the services, architecture, and etc. (Greg, before 15 October)
Note: some already available at

ACTION: All to gathering information on institutional processes for managing of name, issues and opportunities in adopting NSL/APNI, and services that would be required (ALL - for AGM)

AVH Status

  • UNE now providing data
  • new provider at CANB
  • moving to ALA harvesting directly from herbaria using BioCase
    • herbaria could use the BioCase providers for data exchange
    • this would mean that the cache at MEL may no longer be maintained
  • Detailed data download not working