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This wiki is managed by the Herbarium Information Systems Committee and is available to the botanically interested public. It contains HISCOM's working documents.

Wiki contribution and editing is enabled for registered HISCOM participants, including all HISCOM members and invited observers.


The Herbarium Information Systems Committee (HISCOM) is the longest running subcommittee of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH) having been established in 1995.

HISCOM has representatives of the computing and information technology programs of each participating institution and deals with the development and application of new technologies to herbarium management, botanical research and information delivery. HISCOM's flagship project is the Australasian Virtual Herbarium.

Terms of Reference


Participants in HISCOM include information technology representatives from each of the Australian Commonwealth, state and territory herbaria and and representatives from the New Zealand herbaria. Representatives from related projects are invited to participate and collaborate.


HISCOM is responsible for creating and maintaining a number of key products servicing the botancial information management Australian herbarium and botanical taxonomic communities.


Technical Manuals

HISCOM produces occasional technical papers on botanical information management subjects. These are available on this wiki.

Discussion Papers

To facilitate use of common standards and practice, HISCOM produces occasional discussion papers. These are documented on this wiki.


Resouces for herbarium management (and for promoting the value of herbaria) are also documented on this wiki. Resources also includes instructions for editing collection or institution pages on the ALA.