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Herbarium Information Standards and Protocols for Interchange of Data Version 5 (HISPID 5) is the fifth version of a file format designed to allow the storage and transmission of herbarium plant specimen data. It supercedes older versions of the standard, however HISPID 3 remains the most commonly implemented version.

In June 2007, members of the AVH Project Team met in Adelaide to complete a new version of HISPID. HISPID 5 was produced as a result of this meeting.

  • The HISPID/ABCD Workshop Executive Summary details the outcome of the meeting in Adelaide from 6–8 June 2007. It summarises the small list of extensions we made to ABCD 2.06 when building HISPID 5. The document uses terms that users of ABCD will understand. (Note that the minutes of this meeting are now available on the talk page for the meeting's executive summary for historical reference only.)
  • HISPID 5 for HISPID Users details the full list of fields from HISPID 3 and 4 and their equivalents in HISPID 5. The terminology used is best suited to those familiar with HISPID.

Extension to ABCD

HISPID 5 is an extension to ABCD 2.06, and was presented to the global biodiversity informatics community at the TDWG Conference 2007 in Bratislava. A HISPID 5 document is also an ABCD 2.06 document if none of the HISPID 5 extension elements are used — compliant documents validate fully as ABCD 2.06.

Download HISPID 5

HISPID 5 is now available as a download from Google Code, or from our Subversion repository. The download includes example documents.