HISCOM Teleconference September 2015

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Donna Lewis (DNA), Ainsley Calladine (AD), Eleanor Crichton (AD), Nick dos Remedios (ALA), Anne Fuchs (CANB), Rebecca Pirzl (ALA), Laurence Paine (HO), Wayne Cherry (NSW), Aaron Wilton (CHR), Niels Klazenga (MEL).


Ian Cowie (DNA)


Status of actions from 2014 annual meeting and recent 2015 teleconferences (all)

September 2014 AGM Action items

AVH Newsletter: The newsletter was on the AVH test site. A user was able to subscribe to the newsletter in which was emailed out via chah.org.au. However on the production site, emails cant be sent out which is why the news feeds are available. This is a bigger issue not just about subscribers being emailed the newsletter, but where CHAH and AVH websites are going to be hosted. Need to find a server to host the websites.

Action 1: Bring it to CHAH's attention in light of the CHAH website (Donna to contact Michelle). Contact Greg to discuss the current set up? (Anne).

May 2015 Teleconference Action Items

Images for the AVH home page - Ongoing.

Action 2: HISCOM and MAHC members are encouraged to continually provide images for the AVH homepage so there are always new batches of images to display (ALL).

ALA technical update (Nick dos Remedios)

Nick is providing a technical update at the AGM (Thursday 22nd October 2015).

AVH update (Niels)

The items below will be covered during the AGM HISPID Review agenda item on Thursday 22nd October 2015.

  • typestatus field - email trail from Alexis and Niels.
  • Bush Blitz sourced data - Niels is discouraging FCIG from using DataSet Name for the Bush Blitz data. Instead Collecting Event should be used. There are 2-3 elements in GITHub.

Australasian Virtual Herbarium update (Aaron)

Michael Hope has created a test site in which the URL will be circulated for testing in about a month (mid October 2015). Work still needed on name provision. All the data is there. HISCOM will be encouraged to test the site - silence will mean acceptance.

HISPID Review update (Niels, Aaron, Ben, Anne)

  • Almost completed.
  • More documentation required which needs feedback.
Action 3: Circulate GITHub site AGAIN as a reminder for HISCOM and MAHC members to provide comment prior to AGM in Hobart 2015 (Niels).
Action 4: Provide comments in GITHub on any significant changes that are required to HISPID (HISCOM & MAHC members).
Action 5: HISPID Review working group to meet in Hobart Tuesday 20th October 2015 to thrash out outstanding items (Niels, Aaron, Anne).

eFlora update (Rebecca)

Rebecca to demonstrate eFlora platform at the joint HISCOM/MAHC meeting (Wednesday 21st October 2015). If there is time, Rebecca will also provide an overview of other ALA projects including Phylolink and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge.

National Species List (NSL) update (Anne)

  • The Editor supports workflows where there are 3 major flat file outputs that reflect 1. APNI outputs 2. APC outputs and combined APNI/APC outputs. To be discussed in more detail at the AGM.
  • Niels has created a script to migrate moss data. There is a test site for AusMoss which looks like the APNI/APC interface. AusMoss is in a different database and on another server.
  • Mosses and Fungi will be incorporated into the NSL by the end of the year (2015)

ALA Projects (Nick dos Remedios)

Nick to demonstrate TaxonoverFlow during the AGM (Thursday 22nd October 2015).

ALA CCC role & correspondence (Donna)

  • CHAH nominated a candidate for the ALA CCC role for the botanical community. HISCOM agreed with the nomination. CHAH will nominate the candidate to the ALA. In the meantime Rebecca and Alexis (via Donna) will provide any updates relevant to HISCOM.
Action 6: Inform CHAH that HISCOM is happy with the nomination for the ALA CCC role (Donna).
  • Partner Profiles - HISCOM agreed this is CHAH's responsibility. The purpose of the partner profiles is to give prominence to the contributors.

CHAH correspondance (Donna)

  • AVH MoU

CHAH is in the process of compiling feedback from CHAH members. Feedback to be provided to HISCOM for further action to finalise the MOU.

  • AVH Terms of Inclusion

To be provided prior to the HISCOM AGM October 2015.

  • HISCOM ToR endorsement

CHAH has endorsed.

  • Governance - NSL feasibility analysis

2015 Annual Meeting HOBART

  • Joint HISCOM/MAHC agenda

HISCOM members seemed happy with suggested agenda items including (in no particular order) ALA funded projects short presentations, AVH update/demonstration (hopefully NZVH/AVH test site will be available), eFlora Platform demonstration, National Species List update/demonstration, HISPID Review & TDWG update, DigiVol presentation. A presentation appropriate for the TMAG Director will also be delivered.

Action 7: Finalise agenda for the joint HISCOM/MAHC meeting (Donna/Pina).

Members agreed to dedicate the majority of the time finalising the HISPID Review and how to implement it. Standing agenda items and update items will also be covered off on.

Action 8: Finalise agenda for HISCOM AGM. Donna to circulate for comment (Donna/ALL).