HISCOM Teleconference September 2008

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The HISCOM Teleconference for September 2008 was held on Thursday 18 September 2008 at 13:00 AEST.


  1. Apologies: Aaron Wilton, CHR; Alex Chapman, PERTH.
  2. AVH2
    1. Progress report
    2. CHAH - SAPAC agreement
    3. HISCOM: work to be done
      • help page(s)
      • page content (look & feel)
      • list of standardised names (States, Herbaria)
      • other
    4. Progress towards Biocase providers
  3. Reports to CHAH
    • CHAH item 8.2 (Brett Summerell & Bill Barker) - update & Launch date
    • HISCOM report - CHAH item 14 (Peter Bostock) - items not covered by 8.2, I guess...
  4. New Zealand Virtual Herbarium
    • Aaron: "Can you please let other HISCOM members know that we have been successful at obtaining money to implement the NZVH. This funding runs until c. Dec 2009 (although we have up to June 2010 for reporting), with the intention of getting 10 NZ herbaria online. We had a first NZVH governance committee meeting yesterday in Wellington. Ilse will update CHAH at Adelaide"
  5. Decide whether HISCOM is meeting during TDWG 2008 in Fremantle, and if so where and when.


AD - Bill Barker, Rex Croft; eResearch SA, Uni of Adelaide - Paul Coddington; PERTH - Ben Richardson; BRI - Peter Bostock (Chair HISCOM); NSW - Gary Chapple, Karen Wilson; CANB - Jim Croft, Greg Whitbread; MEL - Alison Vaughan; HO - Laurence Paine.



Current development work will be completed tomorrow (19 September).


It was decided at the March Teleconference that the meeting would occur on Monday 27 October in Fremantle straight after TDWG. It was decided to change this to Saturday 25 October — the final day of TDWG. A separate full meeting was discussed for April/May 2009, but a decision on this was held over to the Fremantle meeting.