HISCOM Teleconference October 2018

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  • Ainsley Calladine
  • Gill Brown
  • Ben Richardson
  • Anne Fuchs
  • Aaron Wilton
  • Donna Lewis
  • Ely Wallis
  • Shelley James
  • Niels Klazenga
  • Laurence Paine


  • Wayne Cherry



GBIC2 Update

Aaron's thoughts? See also Kevin's report in the meeting's Google Drive folder.

Datum: GDA2020

This doesn't really affect us, as we don't care what datum you use, as long as you indicate which one you use. At the moment it is better not to use GDA2020 (epsg:7844), as the tools we use are not yet able to convert GDA2020 to the datum we use in AVH, WGS84. I think a GitHub issue will be appropriate to make ALA aware of this new datum (if they not already are), so that it can be implemented as soon as the PROJ conversions for this datum are available. --NielsKlazenga (talk) 11:29, 20 October 2018 (AEDT)


I have been getting emails from our department's cyber security people about the HISCOM Wiki. This doesn't mean that there is really a security issue and that we need to move right away, but I rather don't get these emails and long term we should look for something else. We have been dividing our work between the Wiki and GitHub in a rather weird way the last two years and I think it makes sense to move everything into GitHub. I had a bit of a false start two years ago, but now I know better how GitHub works, so we should have another go at it. https://hiscom.github.io sounds pretty good to me. --NielsKlazenga (talk) 11:59, 20 October 2018 (AEDT)

Written in https://github.com/hiscom/business/wiki? -- Ben

AVH website

Just noting that the AVH website is still in HTTP. We should really do something about that. --NielsKlazenga (talk) 11:59, 20 October 2018 (AEDT)

CHAH web site

Progress report, need to report to CHAH at their next teleconference on this.

CHAH directions

The following came out of our meeting with CHAH last year as areas we wanted development of AVH to focus on. I have listed them all, but I think the first one is the only one we need to talk about at this meeting.


Because most AVH providers do not deliver their own AVH records to ALA, they can also not provide images that should be linked to AVH records, as AVH records and image records have to come from the same provider (which is me). We have asked ALA for a mechanism that enables people to upload images that need to be linked to AVH records independently from the AVH records.

DNA data

This is basically linking Genbank accessions to AVH records, but also investigating what else the community needs from AVH with respect to molecular data. We've put Jo Birch (MELU) in charge of this and we were going to do a bit of a hackathon in March/April this year, but I had to go back to the Netherlands unexpectedly, so it fell through. Will try again next year.

Phenotypic data

No distinct plans for this, but we will be looking for connections with the Traits work that ALA is doing.


This didn't come up in the CHAH meeting, but in the spontaneous ad hoc HISCOM face-to-face we (Aaron, Anne, Nick and I; we thought we had a quorum) had during one of the lunch breaks at TDWG 2018. We just noted how important annotations are and that we would like to be able to do more with them.

NSL Update

Decadal Plan implementation plans

A way to get these written.