HISCOM Teleconference March 2018

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Anne Fuchs (CANB), Niels Klazenga (MEL), Donna Lewis (DNA - Chair), Michael Hope (ALA), Ainsley Calladine (AD), Nimal Karunajeewa (MEL), Ben Richardson (PERTH), John Huisman (CHAH - PERTH), Nick dos Remedios (ALA)


Laurence Paine (HO), Gillian Brown (BRI), Aaron Wilton (CHR), Eleanor Crichton (AD), Wayne Cherry (NSW)


Status of actions from October 2018 AGM

MINUTES: http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/Joint_HISCOM/MAHC/FCIG_2017_Melbourne, http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/HISCOM_AGM_2017_Melbourne ACTIONS: https://github.com/hiscom/business/issues

CHAH correspondence

HISCOM Management

Ben Richardson (PERTH) officially HISCOM Chair and Anne Fuchs (CANB) Assistant Chair

GBIF Update

Ursula Smith is no longer the GBIF node manager for Australia. There is uncertainty about who is in this role, or if someone has even been appointed. Seeking clarification.......

AVH Update

  • Providers - HO might start delivering soon. Requires python script to get data out a a DwCore archive.
  • Help Pages - it was agreed that Niels would set up HISCOM/avh-help on Github for HISCOM members to provide text.
  • Launch? new look http://data.rbg.vic.gov.au/avh/ - majority of CHAH members agreed, something for CHAH to discuss and agree on implementing pre-virtual AVH launch
  • Development (ALA GitHub issues) - no AVH development planned in the current and upcoming sprints. Michael is working on automated NZ data upload. A few outstanding AVH issues in the Github queue, that will evenutaully be worked on.
  • AVH Technical Addendum - Niels to circulate for HISCOMs input, currently not up-to-date

National Species List (NSL) Update

  • Tree editor / classification is nearly in production. Currently creating draft trees and making some additional changes.
  • Search - nearly ready for trials, will be circulated to HISCOM and MAHC for feedback.
  • Orchids have been approved / endorsed by CHAH so these should be included.
  • Fungi is currently in progress (Niels, Tom).
  • Aim to promote a web presence as it currently looks very development like.
  • Working towards not having paper-based APC lists, more work is required on this.
  • Dept. of Ag is using the NSL - Biosecurity names and taxonomy. A single source of names and classification - currently implementing it.

HISCOM Future Directions

  • Herbaria of Australasia Website - working group comprises Gintaras, Michelle (CHAH), Ainseley, Niels (HISCOM), Pina, Dahara (MAHC). No progression on the website, awaiting appointment of the ALA CCC role. Refer to minutes from the Melbourne AGM 2017 http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/HISCOM_AGM_2017_Melbourne#Herbaria_of_Australasia_Website_2
  • Image delivery to AVH - Gill is currently investigating CloudStor. There are comments from the Melbourne AGM 2017 on image delivery and actions that are still current http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/HISCOM_AGM_2017_Melbourne#Image_Delivery_to_AVH
  • Geonomics - ALA are currently doing work with molecular data. Jo and Niels / Ben are the main contacts for the botanical community and will provide some ideas on how to link the AVH to GenBank - difficult at present as GenBank does not have a field for a specimens Accession No.
  • Trait Data - something for HISCOM to start discussing. Michael Hope noted that ALA have a Business Analyst (Robina Sanderson) but is currently working on some pilot projects that are animal based. HISCOM discussed that morphological traits would be the focus for the botanical community. Anne mentioned it would be important to also capture the methodology.

TDWG / SPNHC Conference

  • Presentations - Niels involved in Audubon Core workshop, presentation on names NSL? (Anne).
  • HISCOM AGM - scheduled for 1/2 day AGM on 26th August - details to be provided regarding time and location - Niels to scope.

Other dates

  • ASBS 2018 Conference: Mind the Gap - 3–7 December 2018, Brisbane