HISCOM Teleconference March 2014

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  • Actions from 2013 AGM – see http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/Action_Items_2013
    • updates and discussion only as needed
  • Community Coordinator Role (ALL)
  • eFlora Workshop (Aaron, Michelle, Greg, Ben, Niels, Rachel?)
  • AVH MOU (Michelle, Niels)
  • AVH update (Niels, Alison)
    • Status/feedback etc
    • Data provision Report (see email for link)
    • State of origin
    • Status of NZVH amalgamation (Aaron)
  • HISPID (Niels)
  • AGM – location, date
  • Other possible items/activity…
    • ? APC Editor, NSL Update (Greg)


Aaron Wilton (CHR) – Chair
Alison Vaughan (MEL)
Anne Fuchs
Ben Richardson (PERTH)
Eleanor Crichton (AD)
Greg Whitbread (CANB)
Ian Cowie (DNA)
Jim Croft (CANB)
Michelle Waycot (AD)
Niels Klazenga (MEL)
Peter Bostock (BRI)
Rebecca Pirzl (ALA)
Robyn Laurence (ABRS)
Wayne Cherry (NSW)


Helen Thompson (ABRS)


Rebecca Pirzl was welcomed to the group and briefly introduced herself and her role.

Community Coordinator Role

Role of community co-ordinator was discussed. Alison Vaughan was unanimously nominated by HISCOM as most appropriate candidate.

ACTION: HISCOM's recommendation be sent to CHAH (Aaron) [Completed]


Holding the AGM in mid September was discussed. Agreed to be hosted in Adelaide in the same week as MAHC.

ACTION: Dates and venues to be finalised (AD staff with Aaron and Pina) [Completed]


The eFlora workshop in Canberra was summarised by Jim, Niels, Michelle, Greg, Rebecca.

Agreed this potentially has huge impact the information we delivery and the infrastucture involved. HISCOM should engage as much as possible and are able to


  • No issues of from Liaison role by Alison.
  • Niels reported a number of small technical changes including
    • move to re-harvest who records rather than field by field
    • correction of a mapping error for collection number
  • Discussion on standards and the need to progress some issues at the AGM (identification qualifier)
  • Niels outlined currently harvesting process
    • harvest from Biocase by MEL into a ? PostgreSQL database (ALA don't like XML), it is then exported as DWC archive and sent to ALA; the data mappings are maintained by Miles.
  • Greg asked who is able to ingest data directly into their databases, and in what format (esp. ABCD)
  • Peter reported that BRI data had been posted to ALA; that all data now available on the internet, but not as biocase; may be able to deliver as DWC archive in future.

ACTION: All to read the Data provision page on the HISCOM wiki ahead of the AGM [ALL] ACTION: All document import capabilities of databases for AGM [ALL]

Names activity

  • Greg reported on scoping study for next stage of NSL. If accepted by ALA then funding likely for NSL focusing on APNI/APC.
  • Greg also reported on AVH Trust work: the contract for this just been signed; started work on the tree editor