HISCOM Teleconference June 2017

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Gillian Brown (BRI), Anne Fuchs (CANB), Niels Klazenga (MEL), Donna Lewis (DNA - Chair), Wayne Cherry (NSW), Michael Hope (ALA), Ryonen Butcher (ALA CCC), Alison Vaughan (MEL)


Aaron Wilton (CHR), Ben Richardson (PERTH), Ainsley Calladine (AD), Eleanor Crichton (AD), Simon Checksfield (CSIRO)


Status of actions from October 2017 AGM and Teleconference March 2017

https://github.com/hiscom/business/issues?page=2&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen Various items closed


  • ACTION #? Anne to check if there are other lists (i.e. CHAH, HISCOM, MAHC, APC, AVH - also need a new list for APNI editors. DONE

CHAH correspondence from March Teleconference (Donna)

  • AVH release – released to production 27th June 2017
  • AVH promo material (endorsement for graphic design) - no endorsement
  • AVH launch / presentation at IBC - no response
  • HISCOM ToR – awaiting CHAHs endorsement
  • HISCOM Deputy Chair - awaiting CHAHs advice
  • 2018 AGM SPNHC & TDWG – clarify both HISCOM and MAHC

HISCOM Management (Donna)

  • Donna to stand down as HISCOM Chair and Ben Richardson (Assistant Chair) to step up as HISCOM Chair following AGM October 2017.
  • Ryonen to finish as CCC on HISCOM Committee 30 June 2017. Appointment to ALA Botanical CCC to be advised.
  • Think about election of positions for the AGM October 2017.

GBIF update (Ursula Smith)

The Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is soliciting submissions that re-purpose open access datasets deposited in repositories such as OpenAIRE and DataONE as part of journal submissions from non-standardised formats into Darwin Core Archive format. More information: http://www.gbif.org/newsroom/news/2017-ebbe-nielsen-challenge-liberating-open-data http://gbif2017.devpost.com Deadline for submission 5 September.

GBIF is inviting nominations for the 2017 Young Researchers Awards - one for a masters student, one for a PhD student - with “the focus on publication of datasets that give rich information on species observed or collected in particular sampling events.” Nominations must be made through the Head of Delegation of participating countries (John La Salle at the Atlas) before 15 July. http://www.gbif.org/newsroom/news/2017-young-researchers-awards-call-for-nominations

The 2017 GBIF Governing Board meeting and Nodes meetings will be held in Helsinki at the end of September.

If people are interested, in the BID programme, then there are updates on that as well: Year two of the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme has gone well - the first sets of data from Africa are becoming available and over a dozen new projects are starting in the Caribbean and Pacific. See more at https://madmimi.com/s/e1530a and https://demo.gbif.org/programme/82243/bid-biodiversity-information-for-development

TDWG update (Niels)

  • Aaron and Niels are attending TDWG 1-6 October in Ottawa and have submitted an abstract for the eBiota Symposium.
  • TDWG vocabulary maintenance specification task group - new HISPID 6.0 terms will be considered for DarwinCore.
  • Aaron is on the TDWG organising committee in NZ 2018.

SPNHC Update 2017(Nicole Fisher FCIG Chair)

Nicole Fisher (FCIG Chair) and Simon Checksfield (CSIRO) attended SPNHC in Denver 18-24th June 2017 www.spnhc2017denver.org. Simon and Nicole can provide an update at the AGM in October MEL.

AVH update (Niels)

  • UNSW are ready to deliver data to AVH.
  • Country Conservation to be visible again as a facet in the AVH.

Australasian Virtual Herbarium update

  • AVH static pages - Alison has done most updates but is continuing to do the obvious updates since the production release on 27th June 2017.
  • Names Index - finalised. Still a few issues regarding the animal names but this is to do with NZ data.
  • NZ layers all added as facets including regions, districts, local government areas, NZ taxonomy, map zoom default to Australasia etc
  • Promotional material - nothing to add, no support or direction from CHAH.
  • HISCOM agreed to go ahead with production release on 27th June 2017.
  • A couple of outstanding things to work on that are in GitHub that didn't hold up the production release.
  • Currently NZ data is via manual downloads via the NZ IPT site. Automated downloads are to be done in future.
  • Bush Blitz to be delivered via ParentEventID.
  • AVH club access are not getting full resolution records. WHY?
  • Official launch to be discussed.
  • Promoting via AVH Facebook posts https://www.facebook.com/AustVirtHerb/.


For reference to HISPID see GitHub HISPID repo https://github.com/hiscom/hispid where RDF and PDF versions can be accessed, and for the issues see https://github.com/hiscom/hispid/issues. The terms can be accessed via http://hiscom.github.io/hispid/terms/.

  • New HISPID terms that are not Darwin Core, the intention is to publish these terms through TDWG Vocabulary Maintenance Specification. Site for the candidate TDWG Vocabulary Maintenance Specification is at https://github.com/tdwg/vocab.

National Species List (NSL) update (Anne)

  • Two separate groups attended APNI editing workshops in Canberra with representatives from all jurisdictions. More work has been done on the editor since the workshops earlier 2017 including duplicate checks.
  • General improvements include: improved search interface, Tree editor (Peter Neil), Lichen data already loaded, APC orchid list loaded out of Word doc to upload (Rex Croft), discussion with Dept. of Ag to utilise NSL.
  • NSL Governance - further work required, currently efforts are going into the eFlora Platform

HISCOM email list Update (Niels)

Scheduled for second week in July 2017


  • HISCOM/MAHC/CHAH/FCIG/CHAFC AGM - 16-19th October 2017 - Melbourne.
  • Combined meetings schedule - everyone agreed with the proposed schedule.
  • ACTION - Donna to create a page in HISCOM wiki for members to add ideas for agenda items.

Other dates (Donna)

  • IBC 23-29th July 2017 - China
  • TDWG 1st-6th October 2017 - Ottawa
  • ASBS November 2017 - Adelaide