HISCOM Teleconference, September 2012

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  • Minutes of previous teleconference,
  • AVH Update (Niels, Alison)
  • AVH Trust Proposals for AVH Trust
    • potential for a project? (e.g,. to secure data delivery)
  • FCIG ex-officio roles (if provided by Robert)
  • AVH Management Group
  • Agenda items and preparation for AGM (HISCOM AGM 2012 Canberra)
    • Review of HISPID
    • From David
      • World Flora on Line and protocols and standards. Need to include ABRS in the loop somehow.
      • Where to with AVH from here? Do we want it to simply be a mapping tool for herbarium records or do we want to integrate it into a larger botanical information system. We have APC, APNI, AVH, and should move towards integration with Online Flora and how all these things integrate. We could also think about modules that would help with further curation such as Collectors Database, Locality database that links to collectors, hand writing resource to aid label interpetation, etc.