HISCOM Teleconference, May 2012

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Thursday 17th May, 12–1 pm AEST


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. HISCOM Wiki (Niels, Ben)
    We have reached a resolution as to how the Wiki is going to be fixed on the HISCOM list, but we could discuss a bit more how we are going forward.
    A clean-up of the Wiki (not as in throwing away stuff, but as in organising stuff) would be good too.
  4. Reports from GBIF and TDWG Oceania representatives
  5. Communication with CHAH
  6. Report/Items from FCIG (if report from Robert Morris) (Aaron)
  7. Data delivery (Niels)
    See Data delivery to ALA and AVH data providers.
  8. AVH
    • Status/Summary of progress
      • Update on progress and outstanding issues, next steps (Niels, Alison, Aaron)
      • Launch event (Aaron)
    • AVH classification (Niels)
    • Technical involvement with AVH for 2012/13. Discussion on briefing paper from ALA (if received from CHAH) (Discussion)
  9. Preparation for AGM
    • Date for AGM
      Weeks being considered: 14-21 Oct, 21-28 Oct (week of TDWG), 11-18 Nov, 18-25 Nov.
      Is anyone planning to attend TDWG this year?
    • Need to start discussing AGM and items that we want to cover
      • HISPID
  10. Other Items