HISCOM Teleconference, 9 December 2011

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Minutes of HISCOM Teleconference, 9 December 2011


  • Aaron Wilton (CHR) – Chair
  • Greg Whitbread (CANB)
  • Niels Klazenga (MEL)
  • Alison Vaughan (MEL) – Minutes
  • Jim Croft (CANB)
  • Michelle Waycott (AD)
  • Donna Lewis (DNA)
  • Laurence Paine (HO)
  • Ben Richardson (PERTH)
  • Peter Bostock (BRI)
  • Bryn Kingsford (ALA)
  • Miles Nicholls (ALA)
  • Helen Thompson (ABRS)


Philip Edgar (WELT)


HISCOM communication

Greg and Ben provided an update on progress on the wiki: it works okay, but there are some issues with editing the pages. Ben and Greg to discuss this further.

Action: Keep working on a solution for the HISCOM wiki. (Ben and Greg)

Everyone is happy to continue using Google docs for HISCOM documents in progress.


Progress against draft work plan for AVH4:

Data license agreements are yet to be finalised, but there has been some action on licenses this week. ALA is happy with the work plan


Taxon query functionality

Niels has prepared a draft specification for taxon query functionality. The summary at the start of the document outlines expectations of name resolution service, and search requirements. Further refinement of the specification may be needed after testing.


Verification, annotation and notification services

Laurence has started a specification document on verification, annotation and notification services. An early draft is available here. Laurence will work more on the document next week, but would like comments from people about what they want from the service(s).

Action: Read the draft document and let Laurence know if you think any functionality requirements are missing. (All)


Duplicate and loan management functionality

Draft requirements document here. Aaron will incorporate the information provided in the capabilities survey and advise when the document has been updated.


Changes to presentation style of AVH

The hyperlink colour is hard to distinguish from other text, particularly for colour-blind people

Action: Review the AVH hub when the next release is available and suggest changes to style etc. (All)


GUID implementation

Agreement to apply GUIDs to the herbarium object that gets the ABCD UnitID. There are two documents for review and comment:

  1. How to implement specimen GUIDs for AVH
  2. AVH Units

All herbaria need to implement GUIDs, so it is important that all HISCOM members read these documents and familiarise themselves with what needs to be done.

Action: Review the documents (discuss with MAHC representatives where needed) and add any comments or questions. (All)


Draft specification for image mobilisation

We are trying to enable herbaria to deliver images and image records. At the moment we are only considering delivery using HISPID through the BioCASe provider, which herbaria have already implemented at significant expense. Eventually the document will become a ‘How to’ document, just like GUID document. Delivery mechanisms are discussed in the document as well.


Latest BioCASe aggregation data feed from MEL and licensing

ALA can’t implement many of the changes discussed at the Perth HISCOM meeting without the data being loaded into the full ALA indices. ALA needs a clear go-ahead from CHAH.

Action: Follow up status of data license with David. (Aaron)


APC – sharing of resources

Greg wanted to know what people thought about having a shared approach to maintaining authority lists. There was general agreement that it was a sensible approach, and it was decided that there is no need to consult APC representatives about how the lists should be managed long term.

Aaron reiterated the need for all HISCOM members to regularly review and have input into the requirement and discussion documents in the HISCOM Google documents folder.