HISCOM AGM 2013 Sydney

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney (NSW) Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th October Caley Room, Level 4 in the Brown Building (Herbarium)


  • Confirmed
    • Alison Vaughan, Aaron Wilton, Robyn Lawrence, Ian Cowie, Michelle Waycott, Eleanor Crichton, Jim Croft, Anne Fuchs, Wayne Cherry, Dave Martin (Tuesday only), Ben Richardson (2 days)
  • Apologies
    • Niels Klazenga, Philip Edgar, Greg Whitbread, Peter Bostock
  • No response to date
    • HO

Items to be scheduled

Please add new items here

  • Discussion on whether anything needs to change in the HISPID 5 XML Schema document to better support the delivery of data to AVH/ALA.
Obsolete? On what grounds? --User:Benr
Hmm. 20 years? You ignore the work done by Neish, Richardson and Whitbread in 2007... --User:Benr
Including yourself, apparently! --User:Benr
  • Outline the ALA/AVH support for specimen GUIDs and following on from this, determine the plans of individual herbaria with regard to applying GUIDs to specimens.
A specimen record is a computer model of a physical specimen, thus the GUID can be considered to apply to both, surely? #splittinghairs --User:Benr


Minutes see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d-KKvjgFAix6CahtOuCNk3Nt_0tdgMQ6kuaoWcp5Q-A

Morning (0900 to 1230)
  1. Tea/Coffee (0900 - 0930)
  2. Formalities - Welcome, House keeping, apologies,
  3. Previous meeting
    1. Actions
  4. Elected positions
    1. Chair
    2. Technical Coordinator
    3. User Liaison
  5. HISCOM-L review
  6. reports from GBIF, TDWG and ALA TAG reps
Afternoon (1330 to 1700)
  1. Data Agreement - drafting of technical schedule for tabling at joint meeting
  2. BDRS & BushBlitz (ABRS - Robyn)
Your input appreciated to enable development of the BDRS (Biological Data Recording System) to capture survey field data. Also, what data output standards should be used for the BDRS e.g. HISPID5. The BDRS is an online platform for collecting survey field data via browsers and mobile devices being developed by Gaia Resources soon to be trialled on ABRS’ Bush Blitzes. It aims to provide an efficient means of getting vouchered survey data from the field into institutional research databases.
  1. Show and tell session - recent development, cool tools/solutions....
    1. NZ eFlora
  2. HISPID - (make a start if time) (see discussion above)
Evening - dinner somewhere to be arranged
Morning (0900 to 1230)
  1. AVH Issues
    1. Standardisation of data
    2. GUIDS (doi's)
    3. Extra-state records
    4. Key-base data service
    5.  ? AVH architecture overview, work program
    6. Amalgamation of NZVH
    7. data mobilisation
      1. Status report
    8. Updates from technical & user contacts
Afternoon (1330 to 1700)
  2. National Species List
  3. GPI
  • Show and tell session - recent development, cool tools/solutions....
Morning (0900 to 1230)
  1. Finalise papers for CHAH
  2. 12 pm Meeting with MAHC
Afternoon (1330 to 1700)
  1. Joint meeting with CHAH.