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Please list agenda ideas in this section

Please note I will gradually empty this section as I arrange content into an agenda - below --AWilton 07:58, 1 November 2012 (EST)

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Actions required prior to AGM

  1. Refresh yourself on HISPID, ABCD, DarwinCore (All members)
    See also HISPID 5 for HISPID Users
    • I have also put HISPID 3 on the Wiki. I have formatted it as well as I could in a short time, but some of the structure of the document didn't lend itself particularly well for the Wiki (especially with respect to the headings and the table of contents). Also, the conversion to WikiText has eaten many hyphens. Feel free to fix if you spot any errors. Once we are confident that all conversion errors have been fixed we can protect the page so it can't be (easily) edited anymore. I think it will be very good to have this document on the Wiki and to be able to link to it from other places in the Wiki. –NielsKlazenga 18:52, 5 November 2012 (EST)
    • I had this crazy idea to have a 'hispid' namespace on the Wiki, so that we can have relatively pretty URLs to all HISPID terms. HISPID will also be easier to maintain if there is a different page for each concept (and we can still transclude it all into a single document; and can redirect deprecated concepts etc.). There is an Index page at hispid:Index that has a list of all HISPID 3 concepts (I have ways to do that without hardly any typing, so don't worry about me wasting time). I have started to move in content from HISPID 3 and HISPID 5, but didn't want to go very far before we have worked out a good structure. Now I only have to make the URLs pretty. –NielsKlazenga 18:52, 5 November 2012 (EST)
      • URLs are so pretty now. --NielsKlazenga 20:23, 9 November 2012 (EST)
    • Ah, found HISPID 4 as well. Had to Google it. –NielsKlazenga 20:01, 5 November 2012 (EST)
  2. AVH Trust Ideas (ALL)
    list ideas in Proposals_for_AVH_Trust
  3. Draft revision of TOR (Aaron)
  4. Draft roles (Aaron)
  5. Attach copy of MoU (Aaron)
  6. Provide list of AVH user feedback (Alison)
  7. Get list of HISCOM-L members (Aaron - done)


Draft Agenda


12 - 13 November 2012

(Joint HISCOM CHAH/MAHC meetings, Launch of AVH and OZCAM - 14th November)

Location: Crosbie Morrison Building, , Canberra

Expected Participants
Alison Vaughan (MEL), Niels Klazenga (MEL), Beth Mantle (FCIG), Anne Fuchs (ANBG), Greg Whitbread (CANB), Jim Croft (CANB), Peter Bostock (BRI), Aaron Wilton (CHR), Matt Miles (AD), Michelle Waycott (AD), Ian Cowie (DNA), Eleanor Crichton (AD), Gary Chapple (NSW), Wayne Cherry (NSW), Dave Martin (ALA - tbc), Robyn Lawrence OR Helen Thompson (ABRS)

Brett Summerell (NSW), Laurence Payne (HO), Ben Richardson (PERTH)

9am ish - tea/coffee for those already there?

Morning, Monday, 12th November, 9:30 am start

Welcome and general housekeeping (Brendan, joint with MAHC)

HISCOM Housekeeping

  1. Minutes from previous meetings
    1. Actions arising
      1. Action 1 (AGM 2011): Greg to locate minutes [from Lincoln AGM] and post them on the HISCOM wiki.
      2. Recommendation 5 (AGM 2011): That AVH data providers using BioCASe upgrade to version 3 when it becomes available.
      3. Recommendation 12 (AGM 2011): CHAH to require data custodians to assign permanent identifiers to the provided records, following TDWG recommendations where practicable.
      4. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): Develop a work plan for data delivery changes for circulation to HISCOM (Niels, Aaron).[Status: incomplete]
        • I really can't remember having even discussed this, so have no idea what is expected. There are a number of discussion items coming forth from the data that is delivered to AVH and how it ends up in AVH. These are all documented (or will be) in the AVH data page on this Wiki. Wasn't planning to circulate anything beyond that. –NielsKlazenga 14:28, 6 November 2012 (EST)
      5. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): All to add list ideas to Proposals for AVH Trust
      6. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): develop proposal at AGM to be tabled at joint meeting with CHAH
      7. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): Laurence will see if have copies and forward to Aaron [Complete]
      8. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): HISCOM to look at the duplicates functionality (ALL)
      9. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): HISCOM members to review OZCAM design and send comments to Alison by end of next week. (ALL)
      10. Action (Teleconf. 21/9/2012): all members to consider outcomes and items to be covered in a small technical workshop [with ALA team] and send to Aaron ASAP (ALL)
  2. Wiki
    • I am happy to keep running the HISCOM Wiki on a server of ours for now, but with Murray having retired and CHAH taking a bigger interest in the CHAH website, maybe we should think about an external hosting solution for the entire CHAH domain. –NielsKlazenga 19:07, 26 September 2012 (EST)]
    • People should make more use of the functionality of the Wiki. I am wondering if the difficulty in editing a wiki is a barrier for people to contribute (I love MediaWiki because it is not really user friendly). I will be happy to do a mini Wiki workshop. Probably better to move that to later in the agenda. –NielsKlazenga 18:26, 5 November 2012 (EST)
    • The Wiki needs cleaning up. There is a lot of good stuff on it, but it is rather hard to find. We should make use of the Wiki's Category feature to organise Wiki content and not just list everything on the Home page. –NielsKlazenga 20:10, 5 November 2012 (EST)
  3. Roles
    1. Adoption of FCIG roles
    2. Election of Chair and other roles
  4. Terms of Reference
  5. HISCOM-L (tentative?)
    1. Adding/removing people from list - process
    2. Review current members (to be circulated during meeting)

AVH Management Group

  1. Items for Terms of Reference

Afternoon, Monday, 12th November

Brief report on ALA activities (Dave)

Australia's Virtual Herbarium

  1. Data delivery
    1. Delivery of additional fields to AVH: See Data delivery to ALA and perhaps page still to be provided.
      This page has now been redirected to AVH data. Any other relevant material will be linked to from there. –NielsKlazenga 16:41, 6 November 2012 (EST)
    2. Engagement with university herbaria: Mobilisation of data from university herbaria
      • Engagement with university herbaria is not just a data delivery issue and not even just an AVH issue. This should be a top-level agenda item by itself. --NielsKlazenga 20:07, 9 November 2012 (EST)
    3. Modicum of Unctuousness (MoU)
      • I understand the old MoU has expired. It is okay for CHAH herbaria to agree to have CHAH give out their data under a CC-BY licence without an MoU, but once university herbaria that are not CHAH members in their own right start to deliver data to AVH we need a record of that agreement. The MoU should also set out which fields are to be delivered (at least at a minimum), what should be in there and what the delivery mechanisms are. –NielsKlazenga 13:47, 25 September 2012 (EST)
      • This is also not (just) a data delivery thing. --NielsKlazenga 20:07, 9 November 2012 (EST)
  2. Images
    1. Delivery of images
  3. User feedback
    1. Need to come up with a plan for monitoring and responding to AVH feedback
    2. Review the existing feedback and figure out which requests should be acted upon (Alison)
      1. Bounding box query: shapefile queries may sound nice and fancy but people want bounding box queries. It's hard to know what to tell them when they complain about us not having them. –Alisonv
  4. Access to sensitive data
    We need a mechanism to give access to sensitive data to people that request this access and to decide which requests to honour. So far, we have had only a single request, which disappeared into a black hole (CHAH). –NielsKlazenga 19:07, 26 September 2012 (EST)
  5. AVH Annotations
    1. Explanation of ALA annotations (Dave)
    2. Someone from each herbarium should register for alerts for annotations made on specimens from their institution. –Alisonv 11:33, 31 October 2012 (EST)
  6. Collectory (Alison)
    • Action: Review collectory pages and provide a list of changes to Miles.
    • Do we want to maintain Resources of Australian Herbaria (http://www.chah.gov.au/resources/) separately?
    • Institutional information and links for the AVH
    • At the moment there is no relationship whatsoever between the AVH front end and the Collectory. The Collectory pages are way more useful for AVH users than the institutional websites that AVH currently links to, especially since for some providers the links go to the Home pages of departmental websites. I would like to move that we link from AVH to the providers' Collectory pages. Perhaps the Collectory pages could then have a link to the providers' institutional pages. –NielsKlazenga 19:07, 3 November 2012 (EST)
      Alternatively, we could list the providers on the AVH data page and link to the Collectory pages from there. [You may find that this has already been done] –NielsKlazenga 19:15, 3 November 2012 (EST)
    • There is a small connection with HISCOM work in that the person listed in the Collectory as the contact person for a collection is supposedly able to 'verify'/'validate' (whatever they call it) users' annotations. It is possible to have multiple contact persons for a collection, so each herbarium should have a MAHC as well as a HISCOM person as contact (or the Collection Manager and Collections Information Officer, or whatever they decide). –NielsKlazenga 15:40, 6 November 2012 (EST)
  7. 'News'
  8. AVH data to GBIF
    update on status
  9. Where to with AVH from here?
    Do we want it to simply be a mapping tool for herbarium records or do we want to integrate it into a larger botanical information system. We have APC, APNI, AVH, and should move towards integration with Online Flora and how all these things integrate. We could also think about modules that would help with further curation such as Collectors Database, Locality database that links to collectors, hand writing resource to aid label interpetation, etc. (David Cantrill)

Morning, Tuesday, 13th November

AVH continued (if necessary)


  1. TDWG Regional Representatives (reports to be tabled from Kevin Richards, ?Paul Flemons)
  2. GBIF Node Managers reports (Beth Mantle, ?Jerry Cooper)
  3. FCIG Report (Beth)

AVH Trust Project

National Species List

status, progress

Fancy Quality Control Machine

  1. MEL's Fancy Quality Control Machine
    Thought others might be interested in seeing our error-finding tools. –Alisonv 11:55, 31 October 2012 (EST)

World Flora on Line

only if someone in HISCOM-L knows something about this project...
World Flora on Line and protocols and standards. Need to include ABRS in the loop somehow. (David Cantrill)

HISCOM wiki training session

Afternoon, Tuesday, 13th November


Let's really nail this down this time. –NielsKlazenga 19:12, 5 November 2012


    1. Review of HISPID (Discussion document still to be produced by ?)
      Alison and I had reason to have a good look at HISPID 3 over the past few days and for my part I have obtained renewed appreciation for HISPID. It also seems to be largely still current. Also, the document HISPID 5 for HISPID Users on this wiki is very good (no renewed appreciation though, as that has always been way up there) and I have been using it all the time. I would like to propose we create a new document that combines the content of both, so all information is available in one place on this wiki. Then, when that is done, we go through it and update some of the outdated vocabularies. A bit of an editorial process would be good to, as not all definitions are that well and clearly formulated. –NielsKlazenga 15:12, 5 October 2012 (EST)
      I kicked off the review using HISPID 5 for HISPID Users. In order to not mess up the document too much I have used the page's Discussion page for comments and linked everything backwards and forwards. –NielsKlazenga 18:04, 3 November 2012 (EST)
      This is a good time to review HISPID, as Walter Berendsohn is planning to bring out a new version of ABCD as well. We should aim to have a list of additions and fixes for ABCD ready to be sent off to Berlin very soon after the HISCOM meeting. –NielsKlazenga 20:05, 5 November 2012 (EST)
  2. AVH Units?
    1. AVH Units
    I unwittingly opened up this can of worms at the last AGM in Perth, but this time it wasn't me. –NielsKlazenga 19:40, 5 November 2012 (EST)
  3. Images
    • Why are there Images items twice on the agenda? --NielsKlazenga 20:26, 9 November 2012 (EST)
    1. Image Draft
    2. Demo of new MorphBank software? –NielsKlazenga 16:34, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Matters Arising

  1. Data validation training
  2. Wiki training session
  3. HISCOM attendance at MAHC, CHAH; joint meetings; consequtive

Morning, Wednesday, 14th November

We can use Wednesday morning for any overflow items, but also aware that some members leaving Tuesday night.

CHAH, HISCOM, MAHC joint meeting (if required, TBC during meeting)

New Zealand Virtual Herbarium

Discussion, thoughts, advice on where too for NZVH
(May move to Wednesday morning)

Morphbank demo 9:30 am

Volunteer Portal 11 am

Afternoon, Wednesay, 14th November

AVH Launch

Joint HISCOM/CHAH meeting