HISCOM 2011 AGM Perth

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The HISCOM Annual General meeting is to be held at the Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Environment and Conservation in Perth from 7–9 November 2011.


  • HISPID 5 — does it need any additional work, if so what?
    • Hybrid formulae -- proposal by Niels (which is quite close to the way it was in HISPID3)
    • New vocabulary for coordinate source (geosou)
    • Improve vocabulary on cultivated and introduced status fields (poscul, posnat, posint)
    • Restrict vocabulary on infraspecific rank (remove 'subforma')
    • Insert HISPID3 vocabulary for determination qualifier (idql)
    • Field in HISPID extension to indicate that specimen has been deaccessioned
  • Not so much HISPID, but still
    • Could we please retire the old Australian Herbarium Regions?
    • Naming convention for area classes that are delivered to AVH
    • Structure of scientific names that are delivered to AVH (no determination qualifiers and no authors of other names in scientific names)
    • Unknown and anonymous [collectors] are not the same thing (contra HISPID3) — sorry to make a mess of your page Ben, someone will clean it up when the time comes, right?
    • Collecting dates
      • HISPID3 date format for incomplete dates is not valid ISO (or HISPID5) and HISPID5 BioCASe providers will reject them. So, '20100303' and '2010-03' are okay, but '201003' is not (as it could mean 3 October 1920).
      • [I would like opinions on this] The collecting date in DATE format is mainly for querying and sorting, while the one in STRING format is mainly for display. So please deliver both if possible at all, also for incomplete dates and periods (just the start date for now; I will add end date to the cache if herbaria are delivering it).
  • AVH/ALA Hub
    • Mapping tools - spatial layers
    • Data mobilisation (aim to circulate draft mobilisation plan prior to meeting - Niels, Aaron)
    • Overall functionality (need to refine some discussion points here prior to the meeting)