Guidelines for editing AVH Help Pages

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The AVH help pages are intended to be dynamic, up-to-date pages that reflect the current status of AVH functionality. Representatives from each herbarium are requested to check the accuracy of the information relating to their data, and update help sections when any changes are made to the data being delivered by their institution.

Wiki editing help can be found here.

Editing rules

Do not edit section headings

The link to the help pages from the AVH is based on the names of the help section headings; if these are changed in the help page, but not in the AVH page code, the links will break. If you really think the section headings need to be changed, please contact Alison, who will coordinate the required changes.

Do not re-order the sections

Although re-ordering the sections won't break the links from the AVH page, the current order reflects the structure of the AVH query forms and should be left as is.

Style guide

  • Herbaria are listed alphabetically by Index Herbariorum codes, which link to a list of Herbarium abbreviations in the introduction to the help page. The format for these links is as follows:
AD - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|AD]]
BRI - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|BRI]]
CANB - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|CANB]]
DNA - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|DNA]]
HO - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|HO]]
MEL - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|MEL]]
NSW - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|NSW]]
PERTH - [[AVH_Restricted_Help_Page#Herbarium_abbreviations|PERTH]]
  • Where data for a particular query term is not being provided by all herbaria, this should be expressed in terms of what is being provided, rather than what isn't being provided. This keeps the language positive, and avoids drawing negative attention to individual herbaria.
For example,
Note that this field is currently being provided by AD, BRI, DNA, CANB, HO.
Note that this field is not being provided by MEL, NSW, PERTH.
  • help page/s (lower case in text, caps in headings)
  • data to be used as a collective singular noun rather than a plural, i.e. "The data is..." not "The data are..."
  • minimal caps in headings
  • use single quotes for examples of search terms (e.g. 'Banksia', '%barker%')
  • wildcard (one word)
  • -ise, -our spellings
  • spell out no.'s 1 - 10, then figures
  • no serial comma
  • section headings for non-active fields to be formatted in grey (e.g. <font color ="grey">...</font>)