Early Warning System

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This page contains discussions on the development of an occurrence or range extension alert system based on records entered or edited in the Australia's Virtual Herbarium (AVH). Its obvious application is in weed an invasive species species management but it would also be useful in taxonomy and general species monitoring.



Development of the EWS application is being undertaken by SAPAC.

Login as ewsuser/ewsuser.

Requires destruction testing HISCOM members.

Design considerations

The Early Warning System (EWS) ant the Weed Tracker application are built on the AVH and share the same design considerations. Appearance is controlled by templates and linked style sheets to enable efficient management and rapid change of key visual elements by simple and standard editing without the need to engage programmers.

Weed Tracker

The Weed Tracker is the primary application of the EWS. Development was enabled by some initial funding from the Weeds CRC.