Action items May 2015

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From the HISCOM Teleconference May 2015 minutes.

Action Description Assigned to Comments Status
1 Contact Miles regarding the mapping/data delivery issues with Type Status prior to this facet being made available in AVH Niels/Aaron I can't remember what this is about --NielsKlazenga (talk) 16:04, 15 September 2015 (AEST) To be discussed as part of the HISPID Review
2 Make AVH news item available on AVH page and Facebook, plus circulate this advice to CHAH, HISCOM and MAHC Alison/Niels Done
3 Update Help Pages to reflect new changes Niels to follow up Alison had prepared a document which hasn't been incorporated on the help pages yet
4 Liaise with CHAH on where AVH newsletter can be hosted (is CHAH website an obvious option). Anne to discuss with Greg about this service? Anne to discuss with Greg/Donna to inform CHAH Bigger issue is about where to host CHAH and AVH websites which need to be able to send emails from subscriptions etc
5 Look into the Human observation records as per Action 11 Oct 2014. DNA to provide Niels data refresh Anne/Ben/Donna Donna - issue was associated with flagged images. Donna - DNA have fixed on dev server, needs to go to prod (September 2015).
6 Review AVH website and decide what changes are required for when amalgamation with NZVH takes place..logos, text, participating herbaria etc. ALL Done
7 Provide NZ images for AVH homepage? ALL - HISCOM/MAHC HISCOM and MAHC memver are encouraged to continually provide images for the AVH homepage so there are always new batches of images to display Ongoing
8 Liaise with CHAH whether a new logo is required for Australasia Virtual Herbarium launch. Do we do it in line with CHAH logo re-design? Note: Aaron wasn't happy with logo results from graphic designer and is happy with the current for the amalgamation Donna CHAH agreed at teleconference 21st Sept 2015 that the current logo will exist for the AVH/NZVH merge and that only the wording will change to 'Australasian' to replace 'Australian'. However, the AVH (VH) will have a 'new skin' in line with the CHAH website re-design. Followed-up, awaiting response from CHAH
9 Send a reminder email to HISCOM and MAHC members that feedback on the HISPID Review is required by end of May 2015. Encourage combined HISCOM/MAHC effort from each institution Niels Done
10 Provide feedback on HISPID review by end of May 2015 ALL - HISCOM/MAHC Done
11 Follow up with CHAH when and where the next AGM will be and if they will be combined meetings ASAP Donna Hobart, October 21-23 2015 Done
12 Circulate an update on NSL to HISCOM Anne Done