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From the minutes.

Action Description Assigned to Comments Status
1 Share documentation/presentations that include value of herbarium collections and associated use of the data Jim, All See Presentations_and_documents_promoting_the_value_of_herbaria Ongoing
2 Document the specimen data concepts and definitions used in collections databases (and how they are mapped to exchange standards). This will help us compare database structure between herbaria, provide valuable system documentation and help identify projects for HISCOM. Herbaria to provide information on the data concepts used and delivered. All HISCOM agreed this is partly covered by the HISPID Review process during Sept Teleconference 2015 To be ratified at the HISCOM AGM October 2015
3 Write a news item about collections management and data delivery in a university herbarium and communicate to the university herbaria Alison, Gill Brown (MELU) See: Modified versions will also appear in ASBS Newsletter and as an ALA blog post. Completed
4 ALA to provide collectory schema to HISCOM Nick See email from Nick, 16/9/14 (forwarded to HISCOM list 23/10/14) Completed
5 Provide ALA image fields, and examples of image metadata being sent by other providers Nick
6 Send MEL image metadata fields and descriptions to HISCOM Alison See Completed
7 Write a news item about creating alerts in AVH Alison
8 Liaise with ALA about implementing the features listed in item 11 in the minutes (from 2013) Niels There were four issues:
  • More spatial search capabilities Completed
  • More fields in downloads: see action 24
  • Add a subclass facet: needs consolidation of classification first, to see if it will still be needed
  • Dealing with uncertain identifications: needs input from us.
9 Compare content of RAH with collectory pages Alison
10 Review CHAH partner page format – consider how to make more engaging Alison and Aaron with Fiona Brown (ALA) and Alexis Tindall (SAMA) We need more content in the partner pages to make this worthwhile.
11 Notify CHAH of HISCOM’s decision to implement the Assistant Chair role Alison CHAH have approved Completed
12 Contact Ilse re attribution paper, then discuss with Rebecca Alison Taken over by the eFlora ad hoc authorship and attribution working group. Closed
13 Circulate the WFO model to HISCOM Greg
14 Identify who needs to be in the conversation (e.g. herbarium staff responsible for their census) All Need further guidance from CHAH On hold
15 Respond to request for advice from CHAH Alison, Michelle My understanding is that the initial advice has been provided and CHAH have asked for more. I will take that --NielsKlazenga (talk) 13:26, 11 February 2015 (AEDT)
16 HISCOM to determine and document their processes for prioritising and submitting feature requests and bug fixes Alison Using [GitHub] for all issues. Bugs and issues with a clear task are lodged directly in the relevant GitHub repository (e.g. avh-hub), and those higher-level issues requiring discussion are lodged in the data-management repository. Completed
17 Ascertain what issue tracking system is currently in use and what ALA would recommend Rebecca ALA using GitHub for the time being. Issues open to everyone; anyone with github account (free) can log issues/comment and follow specific repositories e.g. avh-hub to track changes. ALA also looking at options for a future logging system that will better cater for inputting and tracking a range of feedback (e.g. new ideas to bugs). Completed
18 Define the objectives and scope of the HISPID review HISPID Review Working Group Completed
19 Schedule a HISPID review workshop HISPID Review Working Group Scheduled for some time in the week starting 16th February 2015; exact dates to be confirmed Completed
20 Create a table in the AVH help pages that shows which herbaria deliver which fields Alison, Niels I don't remember it even being suggested and can't imagine agreeing to this. This information this will provide is misleading. It is also way too hard to keep up-to-date, it requires the AVH cache that will not have data for all herbaria, and there is no way this fits in an HTML table. Closed
21 Talk to Peter Bostock about BRI data delivery to see if HISCOM can help with a workaround Greg BRI have delivered data to Niels (early 2015). Closed
22 Decide which layers need to be available in the AVH hub, considering that the list will be twice as long once NZ data is in there All Obviated by the new AVH Hub software Closed
23 Provide feedback on the grouping of the facets (particularly the ones currently listed under ‘Miscellaneous’) and decide on which facets should be displayed by default in AVH (including any that needn’t ever be displayed) All Under way (see Completed
24 Ensure that the requirement for detailed downloads is documented and has been adequately communicated to ALA Alison See Completed
25 Provide guidance around which fields to use, and provide examples of false positives, to improve the duplicate detection algorithms All This is the detection of associated records, not herbarium duplicates per se
26 Provide guidance on how the annotation service could be improved in the short-term Alison See and Completed
27 Redesign home page to allow for news/blog roll and subscription service Niels Completed (as far as possible)
28 Review AVH documentation and modify it in preparation for NZVH/AVH merge Alison, Niels, Aaron We'll wait for the merge before doing anything about the Help pages.
29 Add links to context-sensitive help from the Advanced Search page Niels, Alison Needs to be reconsidered. There isn't really any contextual help for the Advanced search page: it is mostly for the facets. Having the contextual help links on the Advanced search page, where we can do it, will mislead users into thinking that help is not available for pages where it is needed more and for which there is actually more help available. Help pages are not set up to provide contextual help.
30 Establish a working group to scope and plan new website Michelle, Alison, Anna Munro (CANB) Taken up at the CHAH level No longer applicable
31 Prepare a briefing note for, and arrange a teleconference with Ilse, Darren and Kevin (and website working group) Michelle Taken up at the CHAH level No longer applicable
32 Circulate the Communication Plan to HISCOM and MAHC Alison Belatedly circulated, but it might still be of interest. Completed
33 Decide on, and implement, layout of new AVH homepage, and make it responsive to different screen sizes Niels Sorry, but that is a bit much. I will do the implementing (and there might be a few things that I just won't implement), but that's it. Ideas have to come from somewhere else. --NielsKlazenga (talk) 12:42, 11 February 2015 (AEDT) Completed
34 Provide images for AVH home page to Alison All Circulated to Aaron, Niels and Pina Completed
35 Provide feedback around auto extract/inclusion of EXIF data (not assigned)
36 Provide all GPI metadata files so we can collate GPI data in one place All It was decided that we don't need this data; if we're want to figure out how many high-res images of herbarium specimens we have to send to AVH, we can query JSTOR to see how many records are delivered by each herbarium. Closed