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Action Description Assigned to Comments Status
1 Document the specimen data concepts and definitions used in collections databases (and how they are mapped to exchange standards). This will help us compare database structure between herbaria, provide valuable system documentation and help identify projects for HISCOM. All Carry over to 2014/15 as part of the Collections Capability Review Carried over
2 Write a news item about collections management and data delivery in a university herbarium (e.g. UNE) and communicate to the university herbaria. Alison, Michelle, Niels No response from UNE. Carry over as part of CCC role, using MELU as example. Carried over
3 Investigate options for issue management software for recording AVH feedback, bugs and suggestions. Alison, Ben I've looked at the Bit Bucket and Google Code options, and you can't seem to modify the issue categories in either. It turns out that you can export csv files from Mantis, so I might continue with my original plan to use that, unless anyone has a better solution. --Alisonv (talk) 12:41, 7 November 2013 (EST) Completed
4 Add NE to list of contributing herbaria on Data page. Alison I've also updated the map on the About AVH page. --Alisonv (talk) 12:42, 7 November 2013 (EST) Completed
5 Look at API and standards for GRBio and see if it can also be used to deliver institutional metadata to ALA Ben et al. No longer applicable Resolved
6 Post regular updates to the HISCOM list on the WFO Greg HISCOM updated September 2014 Resolved
7 Check Peter Bostock’s e-mail address, and whether Sally Stewart wants to remain on the HISCOM list Alison Peter's e-mail address is peter(dot)bostock(at)science(dot)dsitia(dot)qld(dot)gov(dot)au. Sally would like to be removed from the list. --Alisonv (talk) 12:41, 7 November 2013 (EST) Completed
8 Check if Jerry and Brett want to remain on the list Aaron Completed
9 Make the above changes to the HISCOM list Ben Refer to actions 7, 8 and 15. Completed
10 Provide feedback to Robyn in consultation with MAHC members All No longer applicable Resolved
11 Send MEL collecting template and guidelines to Robyn and Michelle Alison Completed
12 Provide additional feedback to CHAH on the MoU Aaron No longer applicable Resolved
13 If required by CHAH, finalise the minimum fields for delivery in the Technical Schedule. TBA See Technical Schedule circulated by Niels in March 2014 Completed
14 Summarise the workshop outcomes for circulation to HISCOM, MAHC and CHAH Aaron, Michelle Documented in the 2013 minutes, which have been circulated Resolved
15 Add MAHC members to the HISCOM list Ben Invitation to MAHC members sent, and all interested members have been added. --AWilton Completed
16 Request an update on the website review and requirements from CHAH Michelle No longer applicable - see CHAH website item in 2014 minutes Resolved
17 Put the HISPID5 schema on the site Ben, Greg Niels found a better approach, namely to redirect from the current namespace location to the location of the schema in Google Code. Completed
18 Herbaria to provide information on the data concepts used and delivered All, coordinated by Michelle and Aaron Carry over to 2014/15 as part of the Collections Capability Review Carried over
19 Provide the ALA image fields, and examples of image metadata being sent by other providers to HISCOM Dave Nick to follow this up after 2014 meeting Carried over
20 Put MEL’s current image metadata discussions on the HISCOM list Alison Will do this once MAHC have been added to the HISCOM list. --Alisonv (talk) 12:41, 7 November 2013 (EST) Carried over
21 Express interest to John La Salle and/or Peter Doherty in HISCOM being stakeholders in the development of the VTI Aaron, Michelle HISCOM expression of interest of involvement discussed as part of the eFlora workshop in Canberra,4-6th March. --AWilton Completed (but may require follow up)
22 Keep HISCOM updated on VTI developments Dave, Greg, Jim HISCOM updated in March 2014 and September 2014, and in teleconferences Resolved
23 Get clarification and agreement around future harvesting plans, i.e. plans to harvest directly from herbaria Niels, Miles No longer possible (Miles no longer at ALA). Will be addressed as the need arises. Resolved
24 Provide HISCOM with the collectory schema Dave Nick to follow up after 2014 meeting Carried over
25 Decide if there is additional metadata that should be captured and let ALA know All This will be done as part of collector vs RAH review, post 2014 meeting Resolved (for now)
26 Test assertion by analysing AVH data using ALA data quality tools and circulate to HISCOM and CHAH for discussion Alison Completed
27 Write a news item about creating alerts in AVH Alison Carried over
28 Liaise with ALA about implementing these features (see item 11 in the minutes) Niels Carried over
29 Circulate the description of the roles Michelle No longer applicable Resolved