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AVH Usage List

This page records official requests for AVH data extracts.

Please include information in the following table in chronological order. Information from this paper may be used in reporting. Please therefore try to enter with the same care and style as a formal publication, which will be to the mutual benefit of both CHAH and client.

NOTE: An alternative format for filing the data, which includes the query and no. of records, is provided for evaluation: alternative AVH usage alternative table

This is a start - has anyone any ideas re including actual query data: no. of records, taxa queried (single taxon or link to a file with a list of taxa).

Should we include an sql statement? This could be generated from the AVH query. It could be part of a successful query message - able to be copied - or a downloadable option as a separate text file with the data.

Client Organisation Client contact email Data dump date Approved by Instn Project title Notes Publications utilising data
Dr W.R. Barker SA Department for Environment & Heritage barker.bill@sa.gov.au 20090721 W.R. Barker AD A test AVH data usage report. For developing an appropriate tabular entry process tba
Dr Maarten Ryder Consulting to DEH, SA RyderResearch@chariot.net.au 20090727 W.R. Barker AD Habitat restoration in the South Lagoon of the Coorong through salinity reduction tba. For use in a draft Referral from SA to DEWHA about the proposed salinity reduction strategy for the South Lagoon of the Coorong
Dr B.S. Wannan Cape York Unit, Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management ... 20091007 D. Cantrill MEL World Heritage Assessment of Cape York Peninsula tba.