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General design


I'm planning to include some general information about the new site: things that are working well, things that are still under development and things that are planned for the future. Also planning to include contact details for herbaria so that people can let us know if they find errors, or if they need more detailed information (subject to everyone's approval, of course).

Plant name


Still awaiting information from some herbaria on the family classification systems they use


Design notes :Include a direct link to this subsection from Include qualifiers on the AVH page.


Design notes :Group Determined by and Determination date under a new Determination heading that links to this section. Family should be moved to the Plant name query section, and UnitID is being removed from this page. There was a (good) suggestion to remove Full scientific name altogether. Move it up to Plant name query if it is going to be retained.

Collecting locality

Design notes :Group Country, Herbarium Region, Nearest named place and Locality text under a new Collecting locality heading that links to here.
Need to add notes about Country, State and Region once the issues with those fields have been resolved.


To be added


To be added

Botanical region

Botanical region doesn't come up in the output, so I can't check what values are available for searching on.

Nearest named place

Locality text


The 13% of records that include altitude has come from MEL’s database; it would be good if others could check the % in their databases so we can adjust the figure up or down – otherwise I’ll just bump it up to 15 or down to 10 so it’s a nicer, rounder, figure.
16% have a non-zero altitude. Actually the 16% is over the whole database, including algae and seagrasses which account for ~2% of the records Rex 15:05, 22 September 2008 (EST)


Selecting the algae families and some seagrass genera, the percentage of records with non-NULL and non-zero depth is just over 20%. I had to exclude a depth of 0.0 since some datasets had been loaded with that value instead of NULL. Rex 15:03, 22 September 2008 (EST)

Geocode precision

Geocode source

Range query

Centroid query

Need to know how box size will work. Why is it a box and not a circle? i.e. why not have user enter radius from centroid? How will geo grid ref work?

Collecting data


Collecting number

Additional collectors

Specimen located at

Need to add an explanation of the AD codes to the restricted help page

Accession number

Need to explain what the different prefixes of DNA accession numbers mean. Need to explain what AD suffixes mean (not present on all records).

Cultivated records

Awaiting response to hiscom list emails

Collection date

Awaiting clarification of date issues

Date range query

As above


Duplicate specimens at

Loan job number

Loan item (specimen) number

Exchange job number

Exchange item number


Donor accession number


At MEL we prefix our type status with a '?' if there is any doubt about the type status. Does anyone else do this (or other variations?

Validation level

Could someone please provide Alison with some information on this field, and who is providing it?

Record creation date

Record update date