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This is a place holder for developing the new AVH Strategic Plan. When complete, it will replace the previous Strategic Plan.


This plan will commence in 2009. It will run for a period of five years.


The Strategic Plan will be reviewed before establishing the next Strategic Plan.




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Additional Information

Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH)



Role of Australasian Herbaria


Historical Perspective


Botanical knowledge Base


Cooperative approach


Computers, data and information management


Origins of the Australia's Virtual Herbarium


Development of the Strategic Plan



  • Collaboration
  • Relevance
  • Innovation
  • Openness
  • Sustainability
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness


A widely accessible integrated Australian flora information system.


  • Create and provide a comprehensive source of information on Australasian plant species
  • ...



The AVH will cover all species of flowering plants, ferns and fern allies, bryophytes, algae and fungi.


The AVH covers collections materials and information resources of Australasian herbaria. As a result the major focus is on the Australian continent, Australia's off shore island States and territories and the countries of Malesia and the southwest Pacific.

Business Case

The AVH is a collaborative electronic flora information system. It meets the business objective of CHAH and HISCOM to improve data and information sharing between Australian herbaria. For the external user, it maybe seen an electronic Australian Flora, and on-line database of plant information and a one-stop source of information available on the plants and fungi of a continent.

Business Requirements

The AVH seeks more efficient ways of providing access to Australia wide data and information traditionally provided by individual herbaria. Traditional activities can often be handled more efficiently and more effectively with computerisation. Some of these activities can be and are being handled electronically within largely traditional systems, but increased benefits of efficiency, cost, scope and accessibility can be had by fully integrated electronic systems.

Scope of the AVH

What is the AVH? The AVH covers the totality of activities, collections, information and data from Australian Herbaria. The umbrella of the AVH includes such things as:

  • AVH specimen data
  • AVH mapper
  • APNI
  • APC
  • Descriptive data
  • Images
    • Living Plants
    • Herbarium specimens
  • Interactive identification keys

Short term tasks

  • Interface/website to reflect totality of herbarium activity.
  • Herbaria with infrastructure for on-line delivery
  • Google as an alternative mapper; other mappers
  • Taxonomic disambiguation
  • Flora descriptive profiles on-line
  • Content to APC/APNI
  • Protologue/type images in APNI
  • Polygon-based searching
  • ...

Notes from HISCOM meeting

  • Dynamic loads
    • Rollout to institutions
      • AD - delivering full data set - ready to roll out AVH when ready
      • BRI - oracle MySQL - need Biocase - serves AVH 2 - start in Feb 2009
      • CANB - full data to HISPID5 - new server 9 December - end December
      • DNA - not present - close to delivery
      • HO - not present
      • MEL - still works - ready to roll out AVH when ready
      • NSW - updating server - installing BioCase - est. Feb/Mar 2009
      • PERTH - contract to install new server - end of year completion
      • NZ - already running TAPIR provider - 4 providers by end of June - test interactivity with AVH
  • Current fixes
    • Extensions
    • Document 'problems' of 'missing' fields
    • Differences between HISPID5 and ABCD
    • Country/region hierarchy
    • Distribution and sync package to be distributed (on SourceForge)
    • Replication of config files, etc.
  • Projects for the future
    • ALA
    • Electronic Floras
  • Strategic plan
    • Review 1999 plan
    • Edit new plan on wiki
  • CHAH HISCOM Governance
    • How does HISCOM want to be managed by CHAH?

Project Plans

Key project areas include the following:

  • ...
  • ...

Project Plan 1

Project Plan 2

Project Plan ...


... staff and financial resources required

Implementation Strategy


Project Team

  • CHAH: ...
  • HISCOM: ...


The Role of CHAH


The Role of HISCOM