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Prioritized programming tasks 2009

  1. DONE Incorporate Ben's changes to make it easier to modify HTML in pages using style sheets and get consistency across all pages.
    • Estimated Time: 2 days ? - plus lots of effort from Ben
  2. Updates to web page HTML, logos, etc
    • Estimated Time: Completed by Ben? Or still more to do? Some requests still outstanding in issue tracker.
  3. DONE Revert to a single AVH home page rather than separate URLs for public and restricted interfaces.
    • Estimated Time: 1 day
  4. DONE Several changes to code to pull out hard-coded parameters into properties that can be easily modified in a configuration file - this was requested by NZVH but was a good thing to do anyway
    • Estimated Time: 2 days
  5. DONE Other changes requested by NZVH to enable them to use AVH code
    • Estimated Time: 1 day
  6. DONE Write program to directly query AVH database for queries that generate larger responses than can currently be handled by web interface (> 100K records) and output results in CSV, do queries requested by David Cantrill and return CD of results to MELB
    • Estimated Time: 3 days
  7. DONE Change user interface and output page format for simple query based on Niels' javascript
    • Estimated Time: 2 days
  8. Fix problems with Niels' javascript overriding HTML styles
    • Estimated Time: ? - Niels to work on
  9. Change user interface and output page format for extended query based on Niels' javascript
    • Estimated Time: 5 days, once Niels has completed fixes to the Javascript
  10. Modify code for registration of users to allow approval by herbarium representatives
    • Estimated Time: 4 days - mostly done, 2 more days to do some final changes, testing and documentation
  11. Program to parse data dumps in HISPID3 CSV format and ingest into AVH database, documentation of requirements for data dumps
    • Estimated Time: 20 days - mostly done, 1 more day needed
  12. Web interface to enable herbarium administrators to upload CSV file data dumps, and automated ingest into AVH database - without requiring AVH to be offline during the ingest
    • Estimated Time: 12 days - mostly done, a few more days needed
  13. Check ingest of new data dumps into AVH database
    • Estimated Time: 1 day
  14. Project planning and meetings
    • Estimated Time: 4 days

Additional tasks

  1. Synchronize between multiple instances of AVH database
    • Estimated Time: 3 days - have trialled it, needs to be documented and some more testing
  2. API for simple query
    • Estimated Time: Several days - initial attempt introduced bugs, not yet clear how much longer it will take to complete
  3. Integrate BioCASE or TAPIR feeds from WA, TAS, NT and CANB ?
    • Estimated Time: a few weeks, possibly more. To be funded by ALA
  4. Add Rex Croft's Google Maps interface, either as an option or a replacement to current mapper ?
    • Estimated Time: several days for eRSA, plus a few days of Rex's time
  5. BioCASE provider from AVH database
    • Estimated Time: a couple of weeks. To be funded by ALA