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A few problems have been found in database.

1. QLD's data has no date_last_edited.
2. How to store different notes. There are 3 note fields in AD, there are 1 or 2 from other dumps.
3. Family values of NT are not correct.
4. Numbers all have 3 digit places. (has been corrected)
5. Missing state value in Mel's data. (has been corrected)

There is non-standard data that needs to be fixed.

1. State name, in upper case, in lower case, whole word and abbreviation.
2. Country. If you would like a list of the incorrect or ambiguous values being delivered in the Country and State fields, ask Alison.
3. Nearest Named Place, Replace empty string and null values with "not available"
4. CollectorsFieldNumber. Replace empty string values with "s.n"
5. Date string -> TextIdentDate, IdentDateText, GeneralTextCollectionDate. date fields with empty string values replaced with "s.dat." if it is a text fields
6. InfraspecificRank. need to change non-standard values to standard values