HISCOM AGM 2016 Brisbane

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Meeting Location

FM Bailey Room, Queensland Herbarium, Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha Road, Toowong.




Welcome and Institution Updates

  • AD:
  • BRI:
  • CANB:
  • CHR:
  • DNA:
  • HO:
  • MEL:
  • NSW:
  • PERTH:
  • ALA:

Minutes and actions from previous meetings

Elected Positions

  • Chair
  • Assistant Chair
  • Deputy Chair (and CHAH Rep.)
  • Technical Coordinator
  • AVH User Liaison
  • ALA Collections Community Coordinator

CHAH correspondence (Michelle Waycott)

ALA Biological Collections Workshop Feb 2016 - summary

Email lists (discuss options)

SESSION 1 - Updates, ALA/AVH

GBIF Update (Donna Lewis on behalf of Ursula Smith)

TDWG Update (Aaron Wilton)

FCIG/CHAFC AGM update (Donna Lewis)

HISCOM wiki (Niels Klazenga)


ALA Update (Michael Hope)

AVH Update (Niels Klazenga, Michael Hope, Ryonen Butcher)

AVH/NZ amalgamation (Aaron Wilton, Michael Hope)

Annotation Service (Ben Richardson)

Additional AVH filters, i.e. Bush Blitz, type images etc

Data quality and usability (Niels Klazenga)



HISPID Terms http://hiscom.github.io/hispid/terms/

XML Schemas (or first draft) for the HISPID elements are now in https://github.com/hiscom/hispid/tree/master/xsd CMF template, plus instructions on how to use it, in https://github.com/hiscom/avh-biocase


National Species List (Anne Fuchs)

  • Status
  • State Census NSL/BNTi requirements
  • Electronic ingestion of publication data (what standards are available/appropriate, how should we do it)
  • Survey Results


GPI and Images (Niels Klazenga, Michael Hope, Donna Lewis)

  • GPI images to the AVH - status
  • Survey Results
  • Image mobilisation beyond GPI (AVH, eFlora Platform) - options

eFlora Platform Images (Michael Hope, Donna Lewis)


Outstanding items from previous sessions

HISCOM Future Directions

Data quality - how and what needs to be done to manage and to expose data quality [MW request]

  • HISCOM perspective to giving advice to collectors and collection managers about 'what to worry about' when collecting and inputting data e.g. geodatum GDA2020 and future dynamic rectified geodatum needing date and time of record of location data -- how much value is there in worrying about it [Ainsley]

CHAH Recommendations from HISCOM

Next HISCOM AGM (Donna Lewis)