HISCOM AGM 2014 Adelaide

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  • Confirmed: Alison Vaughan, Aaron Wilton, Michelle Waycott, Eleanor Crichton, Jim Croft, Wayne Cherry, Donna Lewis, Rebecca Pirzl, Nick dos Remedios (part Thursday, Friday?), Ben Richardson, Niels Klazenga, Greg Whitbread

Meeting location & Accommodation


Items to be scheduled

  • Minutes
    • need to line up a minute taker prior to the meeting; won't be as stressful because we're not reporting to CHAH the following day; can be collaborative, but we need someone to take primary responsibility for it
  • Individual and institutional updates (check in with where everyone's at, major projects, major problems, major distractions etc)
    • Alison will try to get an update from Peter prior to the meeting (ideas for how we as a community can help BRI? Might need a separate agenda item for this, depending on what we get from Peter)
  • Feedback from conferences etc
    • ALA Science Symposium (Alison): great conference, but underattended by the botanical community. Might be worth putting a case to CHAH to fund attendance by a couple of people each year (rotating through HISCOM)
  • Review actions and recommendations from last year
  • HISCOM Wiki: (from Niels) I am happy to host it for now – and it runs much better here than on the hosted server – but this is not a sustainable solution. We should at least see if the DNS can be redirected, so we can use the hiscom.chah.org.au domain properly. At the moment, hiscom.chah.org.au links redirect, but a proxy – so the URL stays the same – is just too slow.
  • Standards
    • Images
    • Collection capability
    • DWC
      • basis of NZ records rather than HISPID
    • HISPID - What are we doing with HISPID? What changes needed?
      • [from Niels] I think we need to use the HISCOM meeting to nail down what it is we want to do with HISPID. I mean, not what HISPID is for, but what we think needs changing. I think we generally agree on it, but it would be good to get something written down, so that everyone – also outside HISCOM – knows
      • [from Michelle] I agree with Niels, However I also think we need to align with MAHC curational needs as they are developing their national standards right now. This should be part of the discussion on the joint MAHC/HISCOM day right? Also Weren't we going to try and get input from MAHC about some of the issues relating to curation and linked to the AVH /HISPID discussion...
  • AVH
    • Data provision
      • tidying data delivery
      • ditching Biocase
    • Macquarie University data: what's going on and why doesn't anyone seem to know about it? http://collections.ala.org.au/public/show/co164
    • AVH fields
      • (from Niels) I have written a Wiki page for this: http://hiscom.rbg.vic.gov.au/wiki/AVH_fields-HISPID_discussion_for_Adelaide_meeting_2014. There is some overlap with the HISPID discussion of course, but these are fields we are already delivering. It is important to do this now, as BRI is planning to deliver its data directly as DwC-A by the end of September; MELU and LTB will start delivering soon as well, hopefully also directly as DwC-A; and then there is the New Zealand herbaria. We should make sure that we all deliver the same stuff in the same fields. The most important thing for me is replacing the numbered ABCD concepts with names that are more easily interpreted.
      • [from Michelle] I would like this to extend into have a discussion about what this means to those of us who don't have anyone like Niels to work through the implications/reprogramming database outputs etc. We will have to contract work to make such changes and consider these in the context of our overall work program go et our core database linked in through our transition to specify...
    • AVH user liaison
      • important to treat it as a customer service role; discussed idea of signing more people on to the list; Aaron to take lead on NZVH side when they come on board; Alison to continue this year, and reassess next year (unless someone wants to take it over)
      • [from Michelle] I would like to discuss what is within the scope of this role too given Alison has been doing it for a while now...
    • Website
      • News, user stories
      • responsive design
    • Ability to ingest data
    • AVH Hub developments & architecture (Nick)
    • image infrastucture (cache, services, tiling) (Nick)
  • Names
    • CHAH request


Wednesday (9am to 5 pm)

  1. Joint meeting with MAHC

Thursday (9am to 5 pm)

  1. Elected positions: Technical coordinator, User Liaison

Friday (9am to 5 pm)