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HISCOM 2008 AGM Fremantle

Action List


Action: Bill to provide Margaret with CHAH AVH MoU (Bill)

Action: HISCOM to discuss treatment of sensitive data and report back to FCIG (All)

Recommendation: That CHAH consider raising the profile of herbaria in the Museums Australia network.

Action: FCIG to send Piers' review to HISCOM (Margaret Cawsey)

Recommendation: That CHAH provide the report from the November AVH meeting to FCIG and CHAFC ALA Project Team

Action: HISCOM to invite ALA to participate in HISCOM meetings and teleconferences (HISCOM Chair)


Action: HISCOM members to check draft schema against their own flora products to test what components be can accommodated. Members to report back to HISCOM by next teleconference (to be scheduled after the November meeting). (All)

Action: ABRS to evaluate draft schema against various TDWG and other comparable ontologies (Helen Thompson)


Action: HISCOM members who understand the issues with LSID implementation to put some practical examples on the HISCOM wiki (HISCOM people who know stuff)

Action: Refer DNS resolver issues to TDWG working group and the ALA (HISCOM people who know stuff)

Action: Approach ALA to present a simplified explanation and use case of LSIDs in the AVH situation (Who wants to do this?)


AVH3 release and launch programmes

AVH Help Pages

Action: HISCOM members to review the information on the help pages and to update information relating to their data as needed. (All)

Action: Bill to contact Paul Coddington about guidelines/instructions to manage/edit wiki help page content. (Bill)

AVH Data Inconsistencies

Action: A table of country name synonyms needs to be created and handed to eResearch SA, who is doing this?

AVH 3 Interface Design

Action: HISCOM to decide what needs to be changed about the design. Comments to be made on AVH web pages - issues, suggested actions (All)

Action: Establish wiki page and populate with design requirements (2 weeks) (Ben, Jim) Data harvest and cache model

Action: Bill to request that Paul Coddington and Rex Croft report on scale of load problem and provide a summary of the non-compliance issues that need to be fixed at each herbarium (Paul, Rex)

Action: Participants of HISPID Mapping to ABCD to look at HISPID 5 and update documentation (Ben, Bill, Rex, Greg) Early Warning System and Weed Tracker

AVH November meeting

Action: HISCOM to prepare a briefing paper for CHAH for November meeting AVH Briefing Paper November 2008 APNI/APC

Action: Establish a nomenclatural disambiguation discussion wiki: Nomenclatural Disambiguation (Done)

Lessons and projects from TDWG

Pragmatism is the new Standard

Action: Participants to update this section with their impressions of the TDWG meeting (All who attended TDWG)

Other Business

Action: Inform Brett and HISCOM members about proposed meeting (Ben)

Action: Check availability of facilities at MEL (Alison)

Action: HISCOM to advise CHAH on domain name issues(?Ben)

CHAH/HISCOM Workshop: Future of the AVH

The AVH Concept

Action: Check with Brett - action re: DEHWA/ANHAT

ACTION: Ensure linkage between AVH & the annotation systems being developed by ALA Where are we at?

Interface design

ACTION: All work on interface design to be completed by Dec 19 (Ben, eRSA, Siobhan, Jim) User registration

Installation of new AVH site

ACTION: AD, MEL and CANB all to host the AVH on their local sites.

Updating AVH data


ACTION: HISCOM to expand upon registration options and present to CHAH.

Descriptive data

(Technical issues here - Jim to provide notes) Discussion about developing a federated approach to delivering species profile information via the AVH, and how this would link in with the APC.

Expanding the data providers

New Zealand Virtual Herbarium

ACTION: CHAH members to talk to the smaller institutions in their jurisdictions to establish the state of their data and to gauge their interest in and ability to contribute data to the AVH - by end of Feb 2009 (CHAH) What will we add to the AVH

ACTION: HISCOM to discuss how to implement the servicing of GET requests to AVH on the 27th.

ACTION: CANB to liaise with Dan Rosauer about the ANHAT validation tools and how they might be applied to AVH.

General agreement

Greg promised that, in four months time, APNI will be available to anyone who wants it. Other ideas How does it all fit with ALA

ACTION: CHAH to request that ALA requesting that contributing herbaria are listed individually. Funding priorities

How do we spend the $80,000?

Getting all herbaria delivering dynamically is the highest priority. Need to establish whether ALA will provide funding to get all herbaria delivering dynamically. If not, then the $80,000 can go toward that (though it probably won't be enough money to get everyone delivering dynamically). Building a disambiguator for the APC (and linking this to the AVH) is second priority. Finishing the APC is the third priority. Fourth priority is eFlora/Flora online/species profiles Other AVH issues (quality control, curation tools etc.) Potential sources of funding for other developments include:

ALA/NCRIS TRIN Caring for Country




Promote the AVH 'brand' Promote partnerships with data harvesters/integrators IP statements and data use Policy on access to restricted data AVH Strategic Plan ... [edit]


Data custodianship associated with all records and data sets AVH Interface design - look and feel AVH system and user documentation AVH interface help documentation Dealing with 'cultivated' records - in data and in query AVH Strategic Plan Polygon searching ...



Develop/refine data use agreement(s) Pursue partnerships with major data users (e.g. DEWHA,etc.) Pursue 'fitness for purpose statement' Update CHAH MOU to reflect fitness of purpose provisions ... [edit]


Summarize limitations and caveats of AVH data Ensure data custodianship/attribution in all data provision services Pursue development and implementation of data annotation services Update interface navigation, functionality (Ben, by end December) Update interface design graphics, including logo (Siobhan, by end December) Position paper on higher level regions for CHAH Scope and specifications to get all herbaria delivering data dynamically Prototype on-line flora information systems for delivery of descriptive profile data Scope taxonomic disambiguation processes Draft a policy and procedure for user registration on wiki for discussion (December 2008) AVH website to reflect an umbrella to totality of AVH activity Clarify use of Google Maps as alternative display Source more attractive base layer for AVH mapper Initiate AVH 2009 Strategic Plan ...


'AVH Weed Tracker' as the name for the weeds 'Early Warning System' AD, MEL and CANB as server sites for weed application Progress on-line flora information systems to deliver descriptive data Taxonomic disambiguation based on APC to be elevated in priority ABRS to be included in new AVH MOU AVH User Registration policy and procedure to be developed to cover different access levels Herbaria to work with local universities in providing data from university collections AVH to represent totality of herbarium activity and information APNI to include links to images of protologues and type specimens APNI to cache/mirror images for performance/resilience Google maps to be offered if licensing ok Base map to be upgraded ... [edit]


AVH development site public interface AVH development site restricted interface Follow-up HISCOM ad hoc AVH Workshop

HISCOM ad hoc AVH Workshop

How is HISCOM going to effect the dynamic load of specimen data from each participating herbarium?

PERTH - end of year AD - already delivering (& node) NSW - March '09 CANB - end of year (& node?) MEL - already delivering (& node). Moving to Specify in the next 18 months, and may need assistance with BioCASE installation once that's up and running. BRI - end of March '09 DNA - Donna says: "Hopefully all going OK, data will be delivered dynamically to AVH sometime in Feb." HO - timeline unknown. Dependant upon the delivery of the new Collection Management System (due Sep 08, timeline slipped by 6 months minimum). No expected financial issues. No expected technical issues. Dynamic delivery on the current Filemaker Pro system is NOT feasible (too many processes that can't be automated). NZ - middle of 2009 for NZVH

Other issues

ACTION: Herbaria who are not delivering dynamically to get an estimate of the cost of getting this done asap and populate the AVH Work Plans page

ACTION: Herbaria who are not delivering dynamically to provide a new data file to eResearch SA, including all Australasian records, prior to the AVH3.0 release date (date TBA) (HO, DNA, CANB, NSW, PERTH)

Data limits Current AVH fixes

User Registration

ACTION: Prepare a list of issues that CHAH need to consider in relation to registration (Alison), e.g.

suggestions for registration criteria consider allowing users to choose their own username and password examples of other sites with good registration processes whether registered users need to explain their intended use of the data prior to each download how long registrations should be active for have log file display the user's actual name, to make review of log files easier

EWS Weed Tracker

AVH Mapping

ACTION: Project manage the choice of replacement and new layers and the default base map for AVH using Geoscience Australia as a source. Add candidate images to the wiki for discussion. (Peter Bostock.) AVH Usage Statistics

Country, State, Region fixes

ACTION: Subcommittee chaired by Alison that will determine and implement the preferred course of action.

Timeline and Requirements for a Public AVH Launch

Wiki Help Page Modification API

ACTION: Paul and Alison to draft guidelines for how to edit the AVH help pages to ensure there is no breakage of the production AVH server(s).

Curatorial area

After AVH 3.0 has been implemented, need herbaria to work towards delivering curation fields so we can get the curation tools functioning.

Cache Management Enhancement

API issues for GET query

ACTION: Paul, Ben and Shunde to develop a specification for using a GET operation to deliver pages from the AVH. A simple enhancement will be to provide a bookmarkable URL of the map page in the footer of the map page. Specifications to go to the ALA (Projects for the future)


ACTION: Put up a project outline for AVH requirements for a disambiguator on the wiki (Helen and Greg)

ACTION: As requested at the Melbourne meeting, a project skeleton for a funding proposal for ALA relating to AVH is with Greg.

Dynamic delivery of data

Flora/species' profiles

ACTION: HISCOM members to update the Online Flora Information Systems wiki page (All)

Strategic Plan

ACTION: HISCOM to add content to the new Strategic Plan by end of December 2008 (All)

CHAH-HISCOM Governance

Recommendation: That CHAH and HISCOM have an annual joint meeting.


Summarise limitations and caveats of AVH data Scope and specifications for getting all herbaria providing data dynamically Prototype on-line flora query systems Scope taxonomic disambiguation processes Draft a policy and procedure for user registration on wiki for discussion ...